Summer Movin’!

So the holiday season is sadly drawing to a close for most of us, and certainly my holiday in the sun seems a long time ago now, but it got me thinking… Does anyone, like me, see a week or two away from the daily routine at home or work as a great opportunity to boost your fitness regime?

” Right then, each day before breakfast I’ll run / swim x-miles or lengths!”…and then after you somehow manage to miss day one, the goal posts move to “every other day?!”

Now, I have to say that I do have some wonderfully committed friends out there who have no trouble continuing their impressive training regimes whilst away, and for that I respect them immensely. For those of us with different mind-sets or fitness aims in life, there are so many ways to help your health and fitness whilst on holiday.

Lazing by the pool, watching the world go by, I realised that the kids have got it right. Our daughter, day after day, whiled away seven hours in the water; moving, playing and laughing. That’s what it’s all about!

Think about all the movement patterns that you can go through whilst jumping waves in the sea; diving through them;  standing firm to prevent them knocking you over. Running along the sand; burying yourself, or others in it; building sandcastles. Doing handstands and cartwheels in the pool; climbing in and out of the rubber ring; throwing, catching and diving for the ball. Playing hide and seek, doing aqua-zumba, dancing to the catchy tune that brings the long-suffering reps running for their twice daily routine on the bridge. Take to the stairs, walk to the shops and around the sights.

Although I didn’t have the staying power of our daughter and her friends to keep on the move all day, I still did my best to partake in all of the above…even the dance routine!!!

So whatever you are doing for the remains of this summer and beyond, think how you can have fun, stay hydrated and keep moving!