Cycle Dynamics

Optimising your cycling body

As cycling and triathlon are growing in popularity, so more and more of you are looking to maximise your potential on two wheels. A Cycle Dynamics session is here to help you attain that goal. Having bought a bike (or two!), and had a successful bike fit session to make those minor adjustments to fit the bike to your body, things may still not feel ‘quite right.’ I have observed that, despite a good bike fit, many people still demonstrate flawed technique. If their body isn’t moving as freely as it should, muscles are in spasm, nerves are tight, joints are stiff and muscles aren’t firing as they should, then there is potential for injury to occur or performance to be down. By looking at how your body moves both on and off the bike, biomechanical issues can be highlighted, explained and altered, to ultimately enhance your performance.

A Cycle Dynamics session comprises of:

  • Analysing your biomechanics as you cycle
  • Comparing the findings to an assessment of your body’s general posture, mobility and muscular control to highlight issues affecting your cycling
  • Correcting the issues to enable more efficient cycling and thus greater power output and reduced risk of overuse injuries

Common faults:

  • Hunched shoulders, poking chin
  • Curved upper and lower back
  • Excessive side to side movement of trunk or pelvis
  • Knees coming in or out

Resulting in:

  • Tight / sore neck and back due to muscle spasm and nerve compression
  • Hip, groin or knee pain and stiffness
  • Numbness or tingling
  • Reduced efficiency

Common causes:

  • Muscle spasm in back and buttocks reducing available range of hip flexion and anterior pelvic tilt
  • Overuse of back extensors inhibiting gluts and abdominals thus reducing trunk and hip control
  • Underactive lateral hip muscles causing knees to come in
  • Overactive lateral hip muscles causing knees to come out

The session:

Ideally send in a video clip of you on your bike from the front, back and sides (on the road or turbo), or alternatively bring in your bike and body for analysis on site.

  1. Your history will be taken.
  1. Your biomechanics whilst cycling will be assessed (from video, or in clinic).
  1. Your biomechanics off the bike will be assessed.
  1. The results will be correlated and explained.
  1. Exercise and, if appropriate, manual therapy will be prescribed and performed.
  1. An exercise sheet will be provided.
  1. A follow up review will be made if necessary. 

Cost: £90 for 1.5 hour session


Rosalind Shuttleworth MCSP Chartered Physiotherapist

t: 07855 367 977 e:

River View Park Colwick Nottingham