RSP sports massage

Sports Massage

Improve flexibility

By using sports massage therapy, trigger point release and Rolfing techniques you can improve or simply maintain the flexibility and pliability of your muscles. This can be effective simply as a one-off treat, recovery from a long day in the garden or hard session at the gym, or regular maintenance in the build up to a big race.

If your muscles tighten, this puts pressure on different parts of your body, stiffens joints and can subsequently impair performance or lead to pain and injury.

“Through physiotherapy, massage and advice I have been running successfully since”
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Regular headaches?

Tension headaches may be eased with massage of muscles from the head, neck and shoulders, right down to the pelvis.

All muscles are connected throughout the body via the fascial system (the stringy white bits in meat) and thus tension in one place can have an adverse effect elsewhere.

Be kind to your body, and treat it well!