Physio Testimonials

Praise for Ros

I was fortunate enough to be recommended Ros’s services by a fellow member of my running club while training for the 2014 London Marathon. Having suffered a fairly significant knee injury before starting my marathon training, I had my concerns that running the marathon was perhaps a step too far. Its fair to say, that without her skill and expertise I would definitely not have made the start line!

She treated every injury holistically, taking time to listen and search out the root cause of the problem, ensuring that I was up and running again in no time.

I am very happy to say that, thanks to Ros, this year I achieved a 15 minute marathon pb and automatic entry for next years’ event; this would not have happened had it not been for her patience, knowledge and determination to work out the problem and find a solution.

She is a highly skilled, professional and caring physio, who I trust implicitly and have absolute faith in. She is always my first port of call whenever I have a problem, as I know that she will always invest the time in me, ensuring that I am fit enough to carry on doing the sport that I love. I would not hesitate to recommend Ros to any of my friends or fellow runners.

Lisa- the now fixed runner!!!!

“I tried running in my late 40’s after 20 years of no exercise aside from walking the dog. Unfortunately my body had got used to the sedentary life and I experienced recurrent knee problems. Treatment from a couple of physio’s helped a little but fundamentally the problem remained. Then I heard about RS Physio and Rehab. After treatment and sticking to the exercises Ros recommended I was able to run increasingly consistently without knee swelling.

As a result of the treatment, advice, support and encouragement received I managed to achieve my personal goals for 5km, 5miles, 10k and completed my first half marathon in less than 2 hours.

I’d recommend Ros to anyone, whether looking for treatment for general aches and pains or to address a specific sporting related issue. Blending technical skills with years of experience (including working within sport at a national level) and a healthy positive outlook she will focus on positive outcomes and on what can be achieved rather than suggest you kerb your ambitions.”

David Marshall

“I was suffering from headaches that were causing me to take time off work. A friend recommended that I go to RS Physio and Rehab for some treatment. I was a bit sceptical but decided to give it a try as nothing else seemed to work. During the initial assessment they discovered that I had muscle tension. I was treated there and then and left the clinic without a headache, problem solved.

“As a keen runner RS Physio has since helped me with various niggling injuries and performance problems. I would highly recommend RS Physio to anyone whether they are sporty or not.”

Karin, BT engineer and club runner

Very caring and highly skilled: Ros is committed to addressing the root cause of problems and treating them quickly and effectively. I now understand how some of my lifestyle factors make the pain worse and how I can prevent it with better posture and by moving differently. Thanks Ros!”


“Ros has been treating me for possibly over 2 years now which when reading, you may think is quite a long time to see a physio. Perhaps to make this testimonial sound amazing I should say I saw her 3 times and she cured me! But I think you would see through that. The fact is that with my insistence to run before I can walk I have needed Ros’ skills and expertise to straighten me out on more than one occasion. Therefore I feel I am in a good position to say just how good this physio is.

Ros has always managed to listen to my moans and groans and press all the right buttons in all the right order to get me back on track and on the way to being fighting fit again.
God only knows how I have tested her skills and expertise to the max week after week due to attempted comebacks to my fading running career and trying to get close to running a 4 minute mile. Despite the fact she must have thought I had no chance of doing this and not even her own considerable skills could assist me in doing this (she’s good, but not a miracle worker) she was always fully understanding and supportive of the physical and mental pain I was going through to enable me to form the base and foundation from which to at least try and achieve my dream.

“The reality is that I am running more like 8 minute mile pace when my body allows, so I don’t think I will be selected for 2012, but the point is I wouldn’t be even close to this pace without Ros. I cannot fully put into words how Ros has helped me both physically and mentally, but I can say she undertakes her work with the utmost professionalism. She is a great listener and has the superb ability to develop a form of treatment which I believe rehabilitates the body, mind and soul.”


“I have been visiting Ros for two years with nerve and neck pain. I can honestly say that without her support and guidance I would not be where I am today. She has been relentless in helping me to find out what is causing the problems. Not only am I now back at the gym and feeling fit, I am even back running which at one point I thought would not be possible. Ros’s experience, guidance and expertise have been invaluable and I cannot recommend her enough.

Victoria, “not a professional sports person, but tries hard!”

“I was referred to Ros in 2008 suffering various running injuries. Through physiotherapy, massage and advice I have been running successfully since, achieving various personal bests in many races during this time period. Much of this can be attributed to Ros’s good work and I always recommend her to friends, colleagues and fellow runners/sports people.

Richard, Notts Athletic Club