RSP screening


Have you noticed a drop in your performance?

However you choose to pass the time – be it gardening, walking or a specific sport – you may be noticing certain skills or tasks that you can’t quite master.

  • Is your golf swing restricted, or your leg refusing to reach that next climbing foothold?
  • Has your running stride shortened or your throwing become inaccurate?

This may be down to a biomechanical cause and until this is corrected, your performance will remain limited.
You may have a problem with your pelvis or rib area causing your legs to appear to be different lengths. This can cause nerves to tighten, muscles to go into spasm and for spinal joints to jam together. All this can contribute to your inability to perform tasks well.

“Ros is committed to addressing the root cause of problems and treating them quickly and effectively.”
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Our screenings incorporate components from the movement screens of Elphinston Performance Ltd, the biomechanical screens of Biomechanics Education and Stuart McGill, Body Reading from Thomas Myers, and neural mobility tests from David Butler.

You will usually be required to undress to shorts and vest or underwear. You will be taken through a number of simple movements to see how you and components of your body move – or don’t!

Any biomechanical, movement or control issues discovered will be explained and shown how they are affecting performance. You will then be taken through your self management programme to correct any dysfunctions.

A follow-up session may be advised for a few weeks later to re-assess and progress the rehab programme as necessary.