RSP assessment

Assessment & Treatment

The pains we feel are commonly the result of a problem elsewhere, so your assessment will involve looking at how your body moves as a whole.

Ask yourself:

  • Do your pelvis and spine move as they should?
  • Can your ribs move independently of your pelvis or is your trunk a solid block?
  • Do you roll over your toes evenly – or at all – when you walk?
  • Do you feel like your feet just “aren’t put on right” or that your body is all twisted?

Treatment involves manual therapy and simple exercises

Following Anatomy Trains principles of Thomas Myers originating from the work of Dr Ida Rolf , working to release specific patterns of muscle tightness, the body can return to its optimal positioning and re-learn correct movement patterns to enable freer, more efficient movement with minimal discomfort.

“As a keen runner RS Physio has since helped me with various niggling injuries and performance problems.”
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Soft tissue work combines Rolfing, trigger point release and sports massage techniques. Gentle joint and nerve mobilisations can be continued with specific achievable home exercises, complemented by muscle recruitment work and functional movement patterns adapted for your lifestyle.

To enable a thorough assessment and treatment you will usually need to undress to shorts or underwear so please come with suitable attire.
If you are not comfortable with this then please inform your therapist and she will adapt accordingly.
You are welcome to be accompanied to your sessions and Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult at all times.