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Anyone can benefit from physiotherapy

Our bodies constantly adapt to our lifestyles, be they sedentary or active. Frequently this adaptation compensates for bad postures or asymmetries and we no longer remain correctly aligned.

We can get away with this for so long, but at some point the stresses we put on our body are too much. Niggles appear, we stiffen up or our performance drops.

It is our belief that if you correct your body’s alignment by lengthening short muscles, mobilising tight nerves and stiff joints, and re-educating correct movement patterns (getting lazy muscles firing), then the undue stresses on individual structures will cease. The body is then able to heal any damage itself and move with greater ease.

“I can honestly say that without her support and guidance I would not be where I am today”
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Not as mobile as you used to be?

However active we are, few of us move all of our joints through their full range of movement on a daily basis. We spend too long in static postures bent over desks, at PCs or driving. No wonder we all get aches and pains.
We all need to ‘Just Move!’

Stiffness is not an inevitable part of ageing. A thorough assessment of your body’s alignment can lead to effective treatment and self management programmes to improve your mobility.

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