From the ground up

 As you will all know, I like to harp on about how the location of your pain or symptoms are very rarely the source of the problem. I can argue for each of these 2 main areas that in my opinion could be the principal contributors to your issues: – Feet – Pelvis (or your bum!) Today I will start with your feet… The world is not flat… or is it?! ? We need to be able to adapt to whatever terrain we find ourselves on, or position we find ourselves in. Our feet and ankles need to be sufficiently mobile and have adequate control to give a decent foundation for our legs, trunk and arms further up the kinetic chain to perform their movements efficiently. Messages need to travel to and from the brain to feedback where our joints are, where they need to be and which muscles need to contract to what degree and in which order. This is known as proprioception. Inadequate mobility in the foot and ankle joints will require the body to get that extra movement from elsewhere, usually at the knee or hip, thus causing undue stress at those joints. Conversely, excessive mobility at the foot and ankle with ineffective proprioceptive feedback and poorly timed or reduced dynamic control can put increased stress on ligaments and joints, resulting in pain and ultimately damage. Additionally it can cause energy leaks, where muscles designed to move you (prime movers) end up taking the role of stabilisers; they do this less efficiently and then also are unavailable to move you, hence a reduction in overall athletic performance.