Belated Marathon Warm Down

Ok, so it’s a bit late for a warm down… the DOMS have well and truly been and gone, the blisters dried up, and the athletes gradually realising that maybe their legs will run again, but I still wanted to say a massive WELL DONE! to my Three Musketeers. They all performed brilliantly, and a great weekend was had by all… (although the supporters may have enjoyed the sunshine a little more than the athletes!). It would not be fair to complete the warm down without a big “high five” for those supporters; Vic, Luke, David, Matt and family, and the extended Darling clan… the athletes will never truly understand the sweat and tears that goes into the supporting role.

So, what next? Well I can’t answer for the others, but from a blog point of view, watch out for tips on optimal posture, be it standing, walking or running, and how to give yourself the best chance of getting through the summer season, be it in the garden, on the track or road, or on the cricket field…. Oh yes, the cricket season has begun, and don’t their bodies know it!! Enjoy!